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David Beckham is one of the top football players in the world. David Beckham was born on 2 May 1975 in London in the United Kingdom. His height is 1.8 meters. He got married to pop star Victoria Beckham in 1999 and the couple share four children. Currently, David Beckham is the president and co-owner of Inter Miami CF as well as the co-owner of Salford City.


One of the most popular sports in the world is regarded to be football. It is true that football enthusiasts from all over the world are constantly thrilled when a tournament or league is in session due to its exhilarating gameplay. Today, this sport has captured the attention of many nations. This explains why there are so many football athletes in the world. Nigeria is one of the nations that enjoys football. It is even thought to be our national sport. According to early reports, the Hope Waddell Training Institution and the crew of the British gunboat HMS Thistle played the first-ever game of football. The Nigerians triumphed in this game in June 1904 by a score of 3-2.


Football clubs also began to develop in the nation in 1906. Nigerian football players have excelled on the field. Locals have been introduced to brilliant athletes through witnessing innumerable national team or Nigeria Professional Football League games, where they made their reputations with their exceptional athleticism and sportsmanship.


Since the introduction of the round leather game to Nigeria, it has been taken as a profession. Despite football being a recreational sport to some individuals, it has changed the lives of many Nigerians in the past and it’s still doing so till date. Footballers here get paid for their services on a weekly and monthly basis based on their contracts clubs. In 2014, the Nigeria Professional Football League had resolved a minimum wage of ₦150,000 for players in the league, while the NPFL Club Owners Association promised to comply.


In an exclusive interview with Bendel Insurance attacker Ebenezer Odeyemi, he highlighted the importance of football in his life: “I thank God for football, you and I know that football is business. It’s a business that everyone is looking for money.”

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